R Davidson Chophouse is located at 2330 4th Street in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It's is the premier steakhouse in West Alabama and has become an institution in the Tuscaloosa area. The Chophouse has been listed as #1 by Trip Advisor.

R. Davidson Chophouse first opened its doors to the public on February 18th 2016.  Since opening they have strived to serve exquisite food and give excellent service. 

They  specialize in traditional American steakhouse fare including Filets, New York Strips, Ribeyes, Porterhouses, and more. Their side dishes range from Lobster Macaroni and Cheese to Garlic Smashed Potatoes, and are portioned to be shared with others at your table. 


The wine list is both exceptional and unique to this town as they tend to find wines that other dining establishments haven’t yet discovered. 


Their cocktail menu rotates with the seasons, utilizing fresh berries and herbs to highlight their spirits. 

The Event Center


Event Center facility is located on the bottom floor of the R Davidson Chophouse location.  

The Event Center is very popular for local events and is especially favorable by the various departments of the University. Great records have been kept and are available to a qualified prospective buyer for review.